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Our vision is "People Matter Do Good." Our people are the heart of our vision and as a social enterprise, Agoge's core purpose for making money is to do good. Read more here.

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Forklift training to truck licences; looking for a job or need staff? We can help! We do training and recruitment for the transport, logistics, infrastructure, and manufacturing industries.
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Agoge's Story

The story that shapes your life
In my final years of high school I was labelled. I was average (to below average). I lacked discipline. I needed to work harder. It would have been easy for me to accept that story and have it define my life. What your schools, friends, colleagues and even family say about you is far less important than it seems. Far more important is the story you tell yourself. You get to choose the story that shapes your life. No one else. ∴ Fortunately, the person I am today is dramatically different to the person I was 20 years ago. Over...
Have you heard about 'One for One'?
Did you know that for every week that one of our onsite staff work as a part of the Agoge Recruitment team, that someone in Cambodia gets access to clean water for a month! And for every trainee on a course with Agoge Training, that's another person with clean water for a month. Social enterprises are businesses that solve social problems and do good along the way. As a social enterprise, Agoge has a proud history of having a positive impact in our communities, supporting the launch of the Good Trust in 2009. For us at Agoge, being a social...
How will you stand out at your next interview?
You're applying for a job as a concrete worker... but you don't have enough on your CV to show just how much you've done it before. But you've got plenty of experience in concrete work and really want to make yourself stand out at the interview. What do you do?!?! Meet Felix. This was exactly the predicament Felix found himself in this January when he applied for a job with us here at Agoge. His CV didn't show just how experienced he was in concrete work. But Felix knew how to use his initiative and creatively get the attention of...
To legally operate a forklift in New Zealand you need to be certified, whether thats just an OSH certificate or an F endorsement too. At Agoge, we make sure you are compliant. Learn more...
Agoge Training's latest course will improve your lifting technique to help you prevent injuries and stay safe at work. A great course structure with 4 simple manual handling techniques. Learn more...

What forklift training do I need to operate in NZ?

Heavy machinery generally falls into one of three areas, either it moves on: wheels, tracks, or rollers. To operate any of these you are required to have a W, T or R endorsement. Learn more...
Anyone transporting large quantities of dangerous or hazardous goods by road in New Zealand needs a dangerous goods 'D' endorsement. It is required even to carry shampoo in large amounts! Learn more...
Successful businesses have at their centre an engaged, valued team of people. Often recruitment companies can treat people like numbers, we think that’s sad. People are our first priority, and always will be.
That means that we strive to do the best we can to care for and value our team of onsite staff as we live our vision.
We understand that for our clients, just getting someone into the role isn't the best solution. We know the cost of recruitment is not just finding someone, it's also making sure they become productive quickly and that they stay. Our onsite staff actively live our vision and 'be' values when they're out on site.
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