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Our vision is "People Matter Do Good." Our people are the heart of our vision and as a social enterprise, Agoge's core purpose for making money is to do good. Read more here.

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Forklift training to manual handling; looking for a job or need staff? We can help! We do training and recruitment for the transport, logistics, infrastructure, and manufacturing industries.
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How to Impress our Candidate Managers
So you want a job with us? It's important to make an effort to stand out from other candidates. Take a look at the following tips put together by our candidate managers. Read up on the company that you are going for an interview with. Even if it is a recruitment agency. If you show that you are interested to know about us and what we do, it shows your interest. Bring along the items we have asked for like your driver's licence and endorsements etc. This helps us process your application and shows you can follow instruction and are...
What's the Difference?
Do you know the difference between a sprain and a strain? Not a lot of people do, and even for the medical professionals it can be hard to determine if an injury is one or the other... or even a combination of the two! The most important thing though is that when we have an injury we notice it quickly, seek treatment, and get the rest we need to recover as quick and well as possible! Here's a little refresher about sprains and strains... SPRAIN: Stretching/tearing of ligaments... that's the tissue that keeps our joints stable. It can be things...
Why Memories Exist in the Now.
And so it came to be that I was standing with my daughter on the walk bridge, in the now, watching as the sun slowly inched below the horizon. As twilight took hold a memory was locked away. A memory of being present, being here, being in the now. And I could have missed it. A few minutes earlier I had been driving home, noticing the sun as New Zealand rotated away from its radiant light. I decided to call my daughter and told her to meet me outside in a few minutes, and just minutes after that we watch...
To legally operate a forklift in New Zealand you need to be certified, whether thats just an OSH certificate or an F endorsement too. At Agoge, we make sure you are compliant. Learn more...
Agoge Training's latest course will improve your lifting technique to help you prevent injuries and stay safe at work. A great course structure with 4 simple manual handling techniques. Learn more...

What forklift training do I need to operate in NZ?

Heavy machinery generally falls into one of three areas, either it moves on: wheels, tracks, or rollers. To operate any of these you are required to have a W, T or R endorsement. Learn more...
Anyone transporting large quantities of dangerous or hazardous goods by road in New Zealand needs a dangerous goods 'D' endorsement. It is required even to carry shampoo in large amounts! Learn more...
Successful businesses have at their centre an engaged, valued team of people. Often recruitment companies can treat people like numbers, we think that’s sad. People are our first priority, and always will be.
That means that we strive to do the best we can to care for and value our team of onsite staff as we live our vision.
We understand that for our clients, just getting someone into the role isn't the best solution. We know the cost of recruitment is not just finding someone, it's also making sure they become productive quickly and that they stay. Our onsite staff actively live our vision and 'be' values when they're out on site.
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