Strengths Based Workplace

'People have several times more potential for growth when they invest energy in developing their strengths instead of correcting their deficiencies' - Tom Rath

If you're reading this you probably clicked a link on one of our teams emails.  Right above that link are that team members unique strengths according to Gallups StrengthsFinder.

At Agoge we believe that every person is uniquely created with a set of strengths.  We have become convinced that as people, and as an organisation far more is achieved when we focus on growing our strengths more than we focus on correcting our weaknesses. 

Many of us at Agoge, including me come from backgrounds where we were asked to focus on our shortcomings and how to overcome them.  Our attention spent predominantly on trying to 'fix' something that is wrong with us.

Gallup through the incredible Clifton StrengthsFinder assessment and methodology has shown us that the path to the greatest outcomes is through building on and growing our strengths, rather than on fixing our weaknesses.

Of course, as a company we are committed to addressing our weaknesses and as individuals we desire to overcome these.  However the core momentum of Agoge is to help our people grow not into a someone else, or into some other set of strengths, but to help them grow into the very best version of who they already are.

We believe in our people and see incredible results every day by focusing on our strengths and who we are, rather than who we are not. 
StrengthsFinder comes with a very strong recommendation from Agoge, our leadership team, and from me.  Here is a link if you're keen to discover your strengths.  If you see value we'd be happy to refer you to a strengths coach to help you get under way.

Thanks for taking the time to read, if you take the time to discover your strengths I would love to hear where that journey takes you.  Please feel free to make contact,

Andrew Nicol 

Chief Executive / Founder

Strengths: Strategic | Ideation | Futuristic | Competition | Self Assurance