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Successful businesses have at their centre an engaged, valued team of people. Often recruitment companies can treat people like numbers, we think that’s sad. At the heart of our vision is People Matter. Life at its core is about people and relationships with them. Remembering that people matter changes the way we approach our clients, candidates, trainees and the general public. Our first priority is people and always will be.

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We always have a wide range of jobs available across our branches all around the country. To search and view what jobs we are currently hunting for people for, view our jobs listings and submit your CV to apply.
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Agoge is constantly looking for great people to fill jobs across different industries. We do business with great companies and are always on the lookout for great workers to fill a range of positions.
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Because we are experienced across our industries you can trust the experts to locate you great staff. As trainers we also know the skills and experience that a position needs, so the high quality of your new staff member is guaranteed.
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People Matter ∴ Do Good 

Social enterprises are businesses that solve social problems and do good along the way. Here at Agoge, we're a for profit company that aims to change the recruitment industry by investing in our people and communities in which we work.
To us, our focus on 'people matter' drives every relationship we have and the actions we take. After all, Agoge means actions speak... louder than words; and is a meaning that is evident in all of our great people and staff.
Our values demand that we care for and invest in our onsite staff and the communities in which they live. This means that our clients have happier, more engaged people in their workplaces. Our core goal in making money is to do good. See our initiative, One for One, for one way that we do good in our communities locally and worldwide.

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We have branches in Auckland, Hamilton, Tauranga, Wellington, and Christchurch.
Find out more now. Email us newjob@agoge.nz or call us free on 0508 4 NEW JOB.