Looking for a new job?

Join a team where people (you) matter

As an onsite staff member at Agoge, you aren't considered just a number. People are our first priority, and always will be. That means that we always strive to do the best we can and value you... as we live our vision people matter.

We aim to place you with a client where you will love and be passionate about your role... we all spend a lot of time in our lives at work and you should have a job that is right for you!

Whatever sort of role you are looking for we can help you... temporary or permanent, we can connect you with a new job! If you're looking for work, need a change, maybe a pay rise? You're at the right place!

Frequently asked questions

What sorts of jobs can I get with Agoge?
We're a full service recruitment company... that means that we have jobs on offer across heaps of industries! Forklift work, pick packers, machine operators, labourers, class 2, 4, or 5 truck drivers, couriers, traffic controllers, engineers, welders, painters, administration staff, management roles, and more. 
How can I apply?
To see what jobs we currently have available, view our current jobs listings search page. Find a job that sounds a bit like you, then you can send your CV in to apply using the 'apply now' button on the job ad. If there's nothing on our current jobs search that sounds like you give us a call, as we might have something come up in the future that would work for you!
What's it like to work for Agoge?
Here at Agoge, we don't treat you like just another 'temp' or a number on the list. Our vision and values mean that we care for and invest in our team and the communities in which you live. 
Will I enjoy being part of the onsite staff team with Agoge?
Being a part of the team at Agoge you’ll see how seriously we take our value 'be fun'. Our team are great workers and have good relationships with our customers... and enjoy their jobs while they're at it! Sometimes at work as a member of the Agoge team you might get a BBQ shout, or win an iPad, some cash, or maybe even a TV?!
I want more than on-call work, can Agoge help me?
Of course! We usually have a mixture of long-term and short-term assignments. From the beginning, we will tell you whether your assignment will be long or short term. Some of our long term assignments are on a 'temporary to permanent' basis, where there is opportunity to be offered a permanent contract with the client at the end of the assignment. 

Contact us

The best way to apply for a job is to submit your details and CV through our listings on our jobs search. We have jobs available all around New Zealand. Use the job search to look at positions available in Auckland, Hamilton, Tauranga, Wellington, and Christchurch. 

If you'd rather talk to one of our team about opportunities to join the onsite staff team at Agoge, please give us a call on 0800 639 562 (NEW JOB).