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You get quality people... not just another 'temp'
Most recruitment companies focus on putting a person into the role. We know the cost of recruitment is not just finding someone, it’s also making sure they become productive quickly and most importantly that they stay. 

Fun and creativity for the best solution
Our team work hard to have an in-depth knowledge of your business, we use the understanding to drive innovation focused on helping you, deliver the outcomes you’re seeking. Every week we do crazy things to care for and have fun with our onsite staff... perhaps that's giving them a Team Agoge Discount Card, or a fun get together BBQ and more.
Together we do good 
Agoge is a social enterprise that aims to change the recruitment industry by investing in the people and communities in which we work. Our core goal in making money is to do good. See our initiative, One for One, for just one way that your partnership can help do good. 

An HR partner, not supplier
We make your goals ours, and want to help overcome your challenges and better the business. Your partnership with Agoge will find you the right people for the right job at the right time... after all people are a key driver for success.

At Agoge, we aren't a typical recruitment company... rather your next human resources partner with a difference. Of course we do all the expected stuff in finding you the right person for the job you need done, but take an extra step to care for our staff whilst bringing the best people solution to you our client. Everything we do is driven by our vision People Matter ∴ Do Good, and our authentic care and value for people is evident in all our actions. Our team of onsite staff also actively live our vision and our 'be' values, when they are out at work on your sites.
From CEOs to forklift operators to team leaders, from permanent to temporary staff, we focus totally on your needs. We understand the challenges you face, including the often shortage of reliable and experienced staff that some industries have been facing in recent times.

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To find out more or to talk with one of our team, email us at or call us free on 0800 639 562 (NEW JOB).