Why use Values Based Recruitment?

Posted on 20th September 2021 by Andrew Nicol


If I asked you if you were an above average driver, you'd probably answer yes. Almost everyone would (myself included) but the reality is not everyone is in the top 50% of drivers. Similarly, as Hiring Managers we all believe we are pretty good at picking great people for our teams. This can be despite low productivity, high turnover, and ongoing culture problems.

We’re all familiar with the phrase “recruit for culture, train for skills”, but if we lack values-based process, it will quickly come back to the Hiring Managers ‘gut feel’ of cultural fit. That’s why developing values-based recruitment process is critically important.

Values Based Recruitment describes a process where organisations intentionally recruit staff who align to the organisational and team values. It makes culture and values the primary focus, with skills and experience secondary. 

The benefits of recruiting for values are:

  • Fit your Team | A values-based recruitment strategy creates a positive environment for new co-workers, which means they integrate into your existing teams easier. This makes onboarding easier for both the new starter and the existing team.
  • Improved Productivity | Being aligned to your values is more than just knowing your organisational values. It’s a personal alignment to operating consistently with them, and according to the Association for Talent Development, co-workers who love their work are shown to be 2-4 times more productive.
  • Increased Engagement | Values aligned co-workers are more excited about their roles and they care more. This means they want to ensure their work is done right first time and they are more likely to speak up if they see things out of place.
  • Longer Retention | People who love their jobs stay longer, are less likely to move for just money. Lower turnover not only reduces the significant costs of recruitment, but also has a direct impact on profitability through the need to retrain incoming co-workers.
  • Employer Ambassadors | Teams who are aligned to your values and love working for you, will rave about your organisation which helps both your marketing and employer brands. They are also more likely to refer great people to join your team.

If you are struggling to recruit great people in a challenging recruitment market. Maybe it is worth reviewing your recruitment process to ensure you get people who love their work, making it easier for you, and your team to achieve its goals.

Andrew Nicol is the founder and CEO of Agoge Recruitment and coHired, based in Hamilton NZ. 

Agoge is a values driven human resource company that is passionate about helping employers source people who fit into their teams, are productive and stay longer.

Photo by Ian Schneider on Unsplash