One for One

Posted on 27th November 2015 by Agoge

Social enterprises are businesses that solve social problems and do good along the way. As a social enterprise, Agoge has a proud history of having a positive impact in our communities, supporting the launch of the Good Trust in 2009.
We've extended our commitment to do good with the introduction of One for One. This lets us continue to do good in communities both locally and worldwide.
The initiative, One for One, provides one month of clean water for a person in Cambodia for every one week worked by each of our onsite staff.
This initiative doesn't only see Agoge doing good as a part of the recruitment business division; for every one trainee on an Agoge training course one person in Cambodia also gets water for one month.
For our Founder/MD Andrew Nicol, One for One is a great way to communicate the huge potential of social enterprise, emphasising, “when you partner with Agoge, the work you do is bigger than just you or me, it has a lasting positive impact, locally and globally.”
The World Bank says that one dollar invested in water projects in the third world results in eight dollars of economic return. Agoge's CEO, James, says, "this is due to the impact on education from kids not getting unwell as often and reducing travel times for women and children to source water."
Being able to do good and have such powerful impact in communities is such a positive for a social enterprise such as Agoge.

When you partner with Agoge, you do good.

  • When you work for Agoge or come on a training course, you're doing good.
  • When you have onsite staff from Agoge or send your team on an Agoge Training course, you're doing good.
With the Good Trust, Agoge also support local organisations to do good in the local communities of our people. Keep an eye out for updates and stories of the impact One for One is having on real lives in different communities.