People Matter Do Good

People Matter : Do Good

As a social business we are passionate about caring for people and doing good in the world. You may have recieved or seen one of our masks here is some details on our position during covid. 

Small Ask - Wear a Mask 

 By wearing a mask I protect you and when you wear a mask you protect others. 

How we support Jobseekers during while in the COVID-19 Protection Framework.

We are pro-vaccine & pro-employment.

  • Pro-vaccine means that we encourage people to get vaccinated as it is the best way to protect our whanau and communities from the virus. 
  • Pro-employment means that we believe everyone has the right to work. We have not mandated vaccination at Agoge or coHired, although a number of our essential services clients have. We will work with anyone regardless of your vaccination status and help you find a job you love. If you are not yet vaccinaete there maybe some clients where you cant be placed into work, but we will work to find you great opportunities elsewhere.