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About agoge

Agoge was founded in 2003 by Andrew Nicol in Hamilton NZ  to provide recruitment services to the Transport & Logistics industry. As our branch network has grown, we have developed our brands and connections with the community and are now a full service human resource partner for a number of great businesses across New Zealand.

Agoge is a social enterprise. This means that our core purpose for making money is to do good in the communities and around the world.

Vision values

At the heart of our vision is People Matter. Life at its core is about people and relatins with them. Remembering that people  matter changes the way we approach our clients, candidates, trainees and the general public. Our first priority is people and always will be.

Agoge coHired Values

People matter, therefore, do good is our vision. We Love People through actions that are safe, healthful, kind, candid, fun and trustworthy. 

Agoge coHired Values

We love to Delight Our Customers whether that's through the way we communicate, by keeping our promises, or asking them to  co-invent the future of recruitment with us.

Agoge coHired Values

We love to Learn For Growth through experimentation and seeking feedback so we can constantly improve.  So, we'd love you to get in touch if you have feedback for us.

Agoge coHired Values

We're a diverse team who love to Make An Impact by delivering ambitious activities that do good for people, communities and the planet.


When you partner with Agoge, you do good.

We've extended our commitment to do good with the introduction of One for One. This lets us continue to do good in communities both locally and worldwide.

The initiative, One for One, provides one month of clean water for a person in Cambodia for every one week worked by each of our onsite staff.

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