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About Agoge Training
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Manual Handling
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Manual Handling Training

When we lift and move objects, heavy or not, our body is working. If we don't lift correctly, extra strain can be put on areas of the body that can't cope with the load. It is super important to understand how to handle heavy objects, and even more important to put these methods and techniques into practice each and every day. We need to make habits for ourselves, and our team/staff so that we're doing our best to prevent injury and work safely.

Agoge Training's manual handling course is structured on four simple manual handling techniques. We want to take the first step towards creating good habits, and to have these learnings used in every lift our trainees make.

Agoge's 4 simple manual handling techniques


Start warm

Before we start lifting heavy or awkward objects our bodies need to be warm and ready to go. We need to do a few exercises and stretches to get the body moving and ready for the lift and days work.

Get ready

There can be a number of risks and hazards in our work environment or the object we're about to lift may be heavier than expected. Scanning the environment and planning the lift helps us minimise the risks associated with it.

Power lift

We want to have correct physical technique with our bodies and to make a habit of this when we execute a lift. Ensuring that we are using the correct muscle groups to power the lift and maximising our 'power zone' are vital components to these habits.

Move & place

The lift doesn't finish once we have the object in our hands. Using our feet to move and face where we are going to place the load minimises the extra strain as we place the object where it needs to go.

Changing habits

Learning correct manual handling techniques is one thing... however, the real rewards come when we can actually change behaviour for the better. The manual handling essentials course is just the beginning to making these good behaviour habits.
Our manual handling training also offers a leadership training course; to give health and safety reps and team leaders the tools to lead change and develop habits with their work team. This course can be supplemented with a subscription to a toolbox to provide engaging material and quarterly onsite trainer visits. This aims to continue engagement with the team leaders and their staff to make sure good manual handling techniques aren't brushed under the mat and forgotten.

Booking Information

Call Damian on 029 226 3747 or 0508 GET TRAINED now.
When emailing us, please include a phone number and location

Am I eligible?

You don't need any licences or training prior to coming on a manual handling training course at Agoge Training. If you want to prevent injury and the risk of time off unable to work, manual handling training will be of benefit to you.

How much does manual handling training cost?

Manual handling training program course prices are charged at a per course pricing, and available in bundle specials for up to 4 courses per day. Please call for specific pricing details and information. 
Essentials courses can have a maximum of 14 trainees and includes training in safety, theory, and practical activities for safe lifting behaviours. Leadership training has a maximum of 8 people and is more focused on helping team leaders develop good habits amongst their team members and recognise good and risky lifting techniques. 
If you also wish to make use of the toolbox resources please get in touch to discuss this opportunity further with our team.
All prices in NZD. Deposits and prepayments are non-refundable.

What courses are coming up soon?

Please give us a call on 0508 438 872 for upcoming course dates, and onsite course availability. 

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